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Yesterday, I ate at two places that specialize in pancakes and waffles, but ate neither.

For breakfast, I met up with Aunty M (of grilled cheese sandwich fame), and cousins P & B here.


Both Aunty M and B rave about their waffles. I dunno, but to me, waffles and pancakes are reserved for weekends.

Both Aunty M and B ordered the waffle (Aunt M let me try a bite of her waffle, very good).


P ordered some kind of omelet (wasn’t paying attention, saw Portuguese  sausage though).


The shot was taken just before he liberally doused his omelet with Tapatio hot sauce. The after shot was a bit gruesome, looked like something out of a horror flick (just kidding). 🙂

I ordered a veggie scramble with fried potatoes and sour dough toast.

Veggie Scramble

Everything was tasty. The potatoes really stood out though, crunchy, not overcooked, and sprinkled with herbs.

Eggs, potatoes, toast; seems more like a guy thing.

Looking around, the French toast looked like something I would try next time (on the weekend).

The Cat used to frequent here for lunch, it’s also one of our favorite places for weekend breakfast.

(Sign) Menu

On weekdays, the restaurant serves sandwiches and lunch plates. For $7.25, they offer soup or salad, several choices of sandwiches, and dessert. The Kapiolani location used to be close to The Cat’s office (The Cat has since moved her office). I always wanted to try their lunches but never had the opportunity.

I was in the Waiakamilo area yesterday, so I finally got to try their lunch. I ordered the hamburger sandwich deluxe with tossed salad.

Tossed Salad

Hamburger Deluxe

The food is like stepping into a time machine (30 to 40 years ago). Salad is head lettuce with a tomato wedge and grated carrots for color (no micro greens). The hamburger is a plain beef patty with lettuce and tomato (no designer beef). A straight forward meal, something I would imagine could be found at a diner in another era. The food was good in a nostalgic sort of way. Everything was fresh and well done.

For dessert, canned fruit cocktail with whipped cream.

Fruit Cocktail

A bit strange for me, but in keeping with the theme.

Eating in decor that probably came from the same era, lunch worked.

It would be me to go to two different places known for their pancakes and waffles, and not order pancakes or waffles.

Oh well.


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