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I found two packages of chicken bones at the market the other day.

Chicken Bones

I would have preferred chicken feet, but the market was out of them. Sometimes I don’t find the ingredient, the ingredient finds me. I think these were thigh bones.

Very simple, chicken bones, water, ginger, Shao Xing wine. Simmer until fragrant.

Chicken Stock

I was going to just toss the bones but being Chinese, I took off the meat and stored the meat with a little bit of the stock in the freezer. Add a can of cream of mushroom soup and some frozen vegetables and “voila” chicken ala king.

Chicken Meat with Stock

In its first incarnation, I used some of the stock to simmer turnip greens from the previous post.

Turnip Greens in Chicken Stock

On a somewhat related note, I got a new kitchen toy.

Soup Skimmer

It’s made to skim the scum off of soups. Works like a charm. It also cleans off the fat pretty good too.


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