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Okay, not really, but many of the staff do know our names and most recognize us as one of the many regulars here.


I’ve posted about this place before but good things bear repeating.

Our chives plants were getting a bit unruly. So it was time to trim and chop them get them into the Kin Wah egg omelet.


The restaurant lets us order items not on the menu as you will see in a moment. First off, their egg omelet with chives (provided by us).

Egg Omelet with Chives

I used to try to duplicate this, I’ve given up. To us, their omelet is the perfect blend of texture and flavors. My guess is we don’t have enough BTUs at home to fry the eggs this well.

Dry Fried String Beans with Ground Pork

This is one of the dishes not on the menu. One of the servers, L, suggested this treatment. Good suggestion.

Stir-Fried Watercress, Oil and Salt

The watercress is usually with some kind of meat. We asked if we could have it plain, stir-fried with salt and L said okay. See it’s good to be a regular here.

Steamed Mullet, Shoyu, Ginger, and Green Onion

The mullet was fresh caught that day, and only ten dollars, good deal and very tasty.

Of course, The Cat ate the head and tail.

Warning the next photo may be disturbing to some.

After Shot, Mullet Head and Tail

This is one of the reasons why The Cat is named The Cat.

It’s good to be a regular. ­čÖé

On another note, a while back I posted about a project that encourages people to use their own reusable chopsticks instead of disposable ones. I still bring my own utensils whenever I remember, which is most of the time. Now, we’ve started bringing our own reusable┬ácontainers to take home left overs.


Are we saving the planet? Probably not, but every little bit helps. Are we obsessive about it? Definitely not. But we’re trying. Just a thought.

Plus, it makes it easier for The Cat to pack lunch the next day (don’t have to transfer the food to another container).


The Mouse

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