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BLT Croissant

One of the technicians at my optometrist recommended this bakery.


From their website, both chefs are female, more power to them.

In looking around, the pastries were on the pricey side. For me, this is not a place to visit every day, I would have to plan to come here (pastries to celebrate something).

I didn’t want to leave empty-handed though. I was able to justify a BLT croissant (besides the drinks, I think this was one of the more affordable items at $3.95).

BLT Croissant

Apparently, they make a number of croissant sandwiches (the other choice is tuna salad), and when they run out, they run out (they sold out of the tuna salad sandwiches the day I visited).

The sandwich was really good, well worth the price. The croissant was one of the best in a long time, the bacon was well done, and all of the vegetables were fresh and crispy. Even though I would wait for a special occasion to try their sweets, I could justify buying their sandwiches more often (a burger from a fast-food joint cost more).

I can’t wait for the next special occasion. In the mean time, tuna salad croissant, here I come!


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