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I think I saw an ad in the dining out section of our local newspaper of a wholesale bakery, open to the public near the Target store in the Salt Lake area. So continuing my search of hidden gems, the last time I went to Target, I went to look for the bakery. Update: here’s their website.


The retail portion is a window front, makes sense since it’s a wholesale operation.

The Retail Window

On this first encounter, I picked up a Havana loaf, a pineapple bran muffin, and a cornbread loaf.

Havana Loaf, Pineapple Bran Muffin, and Cornbread Loaf

The “loaves” are little individual pastries baked in paper “pans” so cute.

The Havana loaf is really good. It taste sort of like a rum cake with pineapple bits in it. The cornbread loaf is pretty decent, a bit smoother than the cornbread from Crema. If the new cafe that takes over the Crema spot doesn’t continue serving cornbread, this is a good substitute. The bran muffin is in the freezer for a future nom.

The reviews on Yelp praise the bakery’s Chantilly cake, good to know, have to go back for more research. 😉


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