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From the previous post, I bought a dozen jiao zi (Chinese dumplings) from the Eagle Noodle Factory. Yesterday we ate them for dinner. The sign at the factory claimed they were fresh and homemade.

Fresh and Homemade

There are several ways to cook the dumplings, boil, steam or pan fry (potstickers). I decided to boil them (shui jiao or water dumplings).

Dropped into boiling water, a careful simmer, and a quick dunk into cold water (to stop the cooking process and to prevent the jiao zi from sticking to each other, and ready to eat.

Shui Jao

The dipping dish on the side is Chinese black vinegar. The Cat likes her jiao zi with vinegar (for jiao zi, she prefers the Chinese black vinegar over white and red).

The jiao zi was definitely homemade. To me, sometimes the filling of commercial variety jiao zi is kind of pasty (over processed). The filling of these jiao zi had some body to it.

Jiao Zi Filling

The Cat approved.

Usually, when we eat jiao zi, we have other small dishes (otherwise just eating jiao zi can get a little one dimensional). I bought up a small piece of miso butterfish and boiled Napa cabbage in shiitake dashi with a splash of toasted sesame oil on top to add decadence.


Boiled Napa Cabbage

The Whole Package

A little prepared food, a little pre-made food, a little home-cooked food, turns out, dinner becomes an impromptu teishoku meal. The Cat was happy. 🙂

The jiao zi was good enough for The Cat to approve future additional purchases.


The Mouse

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