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Eagle Noodle Factory

Growing up, e-mein noodles was a big deal. We usually ate them to celebrate birthdays. The brand I know is Eagle Noodle Factory. At one time, the noodles were sold all over the place. For a while now, it was difficult to locate the noodles in stores. There are other brands out there (not locally produced), but they’re just not the same. Yesterday during my wanderlost, I came upon the factory.


I was not looking for the factory nor was I prepared to stop. I had to stop and visit. I circled around the block to park.

The Temple of E-Mein Noodles

Just to the left of the woman in pink are the stacks of e-mein noodles (sorry, a little redundant; mein = noodles so e-mein noodles is e-noodles noodles).

Menu Board

More Selections

I had to restrain myself before I got carried away. I bought one cake of e-mein, one dozen buns, and one dozen dumplings. Don’t worry, we won’t eat them all at once (we’d be in a carbohydrate coma). 😉

The Cake


For dinner I used up the rest of the mushrooms (see cream of mushroom soup post), and added Napa cabbage to a shiitake dashi with the e-mein to make a noodle soup.

E-Mein Soup

The Cat was happily surprised. Slurp.

Glad to find the source. Will let you know about the dumplings in a future post.

I’m sending this post over to Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for her Souper Sunday feature.


The Mouse

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