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The Pastele Shop

Some people might call it wanderlust, in my case think it was more wanderlost. I wanted to try a place in Kalihi for lunch today but they were closed for vacation. I ended up driving around for a bit and ended up here.


I’ve heard about pastele and this shop in particular for a while, just never had the chance.

I wanted to get a sampling of the pastele experience. I ordered the #2 plate, one pastele, gandule rice, and bacalao salad.

Gandule Rice and Pastele

Bacalao Salad

Confession time, this was my first time trying pastele (not to mention gandule rice and bacalao salad). I liked all of them. The pastele was something I’ve never experienced before. I think The Cat will like pastele (squishy, gooey, mushy). The gandule rice reminded me of the Spanish rice we used to get in the school cafeteria (a good thing). I had to look up what bacalao salad is (its salted cod). To me, anything with salted fish is a good thing.

All in all a good meal. I experienced something new today. A definite try again.


The Mouse

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I found some nice mushrooms at reasonable prices at the market.

Bunashimeji and White Mushrooms

Added the mushrooms to a can of cream of  mushroom soup along with two rehydrated shiitake mushrooms, a little sugar and a splash of Shao Xing wine.

Cream of Mushroom Soup, The Mouse Version

Instead of adding water, milk, or cream to dilute the soup, I added the shiitake dashi from the rehydrated mushrooms.

The Cat liked it. 🙂


The Mouse

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