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Poke Mix

Continuing the ahi series, last night I wanted to make poke with some of the ahi bounty we received (see previous post). The Japanese warehouse market had a poke seasoning packet for sale.

Poke Seasoning Packet

There was another brand for sale but this packet had more ingredients.

List of Ingredients

I followed the directions on the packet. One problem was the instructions did not include the proportions so I had to eyeball it (but then again, I cook by the eyeball method anyway). 😉

Anyway, this was the result.

Ahi Poke

The taste was pretty good. My only critique would be that the packet used wakame seaweed instead of ogo or limu. Next time I think I’ll pick up some limu to add to the poke.

There was an in-store special on araimo (or dry-land taro). To me poke and taro go together better than poke and rice. Rice is ok but … Plus, besides rice and bread, The Cat loves potatoes, and taro.


These are about the size of a large egg, as compared with the wetland taro which could be humongous.

I simply steamed them, no butter, no oil, no salt or other seasoning.

Steamed Araimo



BTW, as mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was going to post about where we went for Sunday brunch. As it turns out, V also is into food and was taking pictures of her plates. Since I already posted about here before (see 4 July 2010 post), I decided to skip this time. Welcome to the darkside. 🙂

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