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Hamakua Mushroom Bread

I was curious about this place for a while.

Some of their daily special breads sounded interesting (especially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Daily Specials

So yesterday I went to check it out. Bought a loaf of Hamakua Farms Mushroom Bread (actually I think it’s Hamakua Heritage Farms, but I digress).

Hamakua Farms Mushroom Bread

The Cat thought it was so cute that the bread looked like an upside down mushroom. ^oo^ (That’s The Cat)

Wedge #1

Wedge #2

Both The Cat and The Mouse liked the bread. The crust was dense and chewy while the inside was soft.

Will definitely be trying the other varieties.

Daily Bread Menu

The bakery also serves sandwiches and pizzas (those pictures were even worse than the bread menu pictures, I’m not posting those. 😦

Today, we are hosting out-of-town guests for brunch at …, maybe I’ll tell you later. 😉

Enjoy the long weekend (if you’re so lucky).

The Mouse

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