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I used to love grilled cheese sandwiches, still do. But for a couple of reasons, I rarely eat them now. At the supermarket the other day, I saw a cheese substitute made from soy.

Sort Of Cheese

Bought a package to try. The slices are individually wrapped, like real cheese slices.

I used four slices on whole wheat bread.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Sort Of)

The “cheese” melted well, but the texture was not as “gooey” as real cheese. The taste wasn’t bad, wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad. Although I now generally prefer whole wheat bread over white bread, for me, I think I prefer white bread for grilled cheese sandwiches (and no frills American cheese).

Okay, the big question, would I buy this again? Jury is still out. I still have eight slices from the package to experiment with.


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