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Mushroom Stem Soup

I used to discard the stems from button mushrooms. A long time ago (in a galaxy … oops, sorry bit of a flashback there). On one of the cooking shows, the host said it was okay to use the stems and added them to a soup. Since then, I’ve added the stems from button mushrooms to soups and stews.

Tonight, I made a stock from dried shiitake mushrooms, fresh button mushroom stems, asparagus, and an egg (all The Cat’s favorites).

Mushroom Stem Soup

When The Cat was growing up, because of rationing and shortages, the family could only get mushroom stems. Her father would carefully clean the stems and stir-fry them with vegetables. One of The Cat’s fond memories.

After that, the mushroom caps is almost anti-climatic. I stir-fried them with peanut oil, Shao Xing wine, sugar, and salt.

Mushroom Caps

The Cat appreciated these too.

Hope Cupid hit bulls eyes for all of you.


The Mouse (and The Cat)

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