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This place was recommended to us for breakfast.

The Sign

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From their website, the liliko’i (passionfruit) pancakes looked like something to try. I wanted to try their loco moco too.

As it happens, we met a friend (and The Cat’s business partner), R, for breakfast this morning. There is an overlap of about one hour for their breakfast and lunch menu. We just made it in time for breakfast.

The Cat ordered the pancakes and a cup of soup. Today’s soup was kabocha squash soup.

Kabocha Squash Soup

This was good. The soup was chicken stock. Spinach was also added to the soup. It was so good, I may try making this at home.

Liliko'i Pancakes

I thought the liliko’i cream was not too sweet. The Cat thought it was a little too tart for her taste. I thought the pancakes were one of the better ones I’ve eaten. Not heavy, very light.

Loco Moco!

I used to eat loco moco more often, but for healthier reasons, I’ve cut back dramatically. Now, each loco moco I eat has to knock my socks off (since I can’t afford to waste my meager allotment). This one knocked my socks off. First off, two fried eggs were included (most places have only one), the gravy was not heavy and overpowering but still tasty. I could order this one everyday (but I can’t).

Included with the loco moco was a thick slice of toast, I choose their house made rye toast. This was good too.

Rye Bread Toast

Here’s the lunch menu.

I wouldn’t trying some of their sandwiches on their house made bread.

A definite try again.

After breakfast (more like brunch), we were still talking so we went over to a coffee house around the corner.

The SignSo You Can Find It

R had a mocha latte, The Cat had a chai tea, I was still digesting my loco moco (burp, excuse me, hee hee).

Mocha Latte

The place has a very bohemian feel to it.


Although we’ve lived on the windward side for awhile, we hardly explore Kailua town. We have to explore more.


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