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This is one of The Cat’s go to places for lunch, and sometimes dinner if she’s working really late.

Since 2003

When the restaurant first opened, they had grand opening specials for a limited time. I guess the items were so popular (cheap eats), the items became a part of the regular menu.

Cheap Eats!

We’ve never eaten off the regular menu (maybe once). The Cat either eats number 8 or 10. Me?, always number 10.

Special No. 10 aka Bi Bim Bap

Even if you only order the specials, banchan (side dishes) are still included, no extra charge (what a deal). Yesterday’s banchan selection included:

Seasoned Bean Sprouts

Turnip Kimchi

Won Bok Kimchi

Seasoned Choi Sum

Long Rice Salad

The entire lunch was $5.35 (plus a dollar tip). Can’t go wrong.


The Mouse

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