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Needs Salt

The Cat likes nuts, anything having to do with nuts. The Cat has been trying to get more calcium into her diet lately. Along with other health benefits (if you don’t eat too much), almonds are supposed to have a good amount of calcium when compared to other nuts. In light of the above, we bought a jar of almond butter from one of the big box stores recently.

All Natural

This jar is all almonds, no additional flavorings, additives, and whatnot.

Ingredient: Almonds

I think the label should read “Ingredient” instead of ingredients. Anyway, the taste is very nutty (duh!). For my taste though, a wee bit of salt is needed. No problem, a few grains of coarse sea salt at the time of eating and I’m all good.

Maybe my taste buds are not accustomed to the pureness of the almond butter (I need flavorings and additives), what can I say.


The Mouse

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