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Ham Hock Stew

Back in December 2010, I had some ham hock stew from a take-out (see 22 December 2010 post). The “stew” was ham hocks in tomato sauce. I little too much meat for my tastes. I threw about half of the ham hock in the freezer to experiment on my own ham hock stew.

Last night, I put my own spin on the stew. I first simmered rehydrated soy beans for several hours, added a can of cooked dry peas (found in Asian markets, posted previously), and simmered a bit more. Then added celery seeds, chili powder, diced onions, carrots, and a can of diced tomatoes. I added the ham hock last, since it was already cooked. Salt, pepper, and a bit of sugar to taste. Simmered to blend the flavors and voila, my version of ham hock stew.

Ham Hock Stew, Mouse Version

Unlike the original, the stew is mostly vegetables. The ham hock is used mostly for flavor.

The Cat ate it with rice (and got to suck the bone for the marrow), I ate it with whole wheat bread. Both the rice and bread soaked up the soup/sauce well. A definite keeper. Maybe next time I’ll add either celery or head cabbage, or both.

BTW, I’m sending this post over to Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for her Souper Sunday feature.


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