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Just wanted to share the goodies that T & R gave us for new year’s. Each time they take us out for dinner, they make little (or not so little) goody bags for us to take home. This time, the swag consisted of

"Big Smooth" Cookies

The Cat said the Chinese characters is “big, smooth”. I think they wanted to wish us smooth sailing for the new year (for the big picture).

Nian Gao

I’m not sure why the nian gao was white instead of brown. Maybe it was an albino gao (it did have a red date). 🙂

Fruit Parfait

The Cat and I had a discussion whether it was yogurt or pudding in the middle. Whatever it was, it was good.

Hope everyone’s new year celebration went well. The Cat said in China, businesses and work would shut down for at least a week or more (I wonder if we could start something like that here, just kidding).


The Mouse

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