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I thought I posted about this place but I couldn’t find the post. That’s okay, one more post won’t hurt. For the past several months I’ve been frequenting a Japanese restaurant known for cooking rice in the traditional way, over an open flame instead of in a rice cooker.

I usually order the chicken karaage teishoku.

Chicken Karaage Teishoku

Chicken Karaage, Close Up

For a little over ten dollars, the teishoku lunch includes the entrée, rice, miso soup, two sides, and pickles. The rice comes in a individual rice container, good for at least two full bowls. I think it’s a good deal.

Last month, the daily special for Saturday was hamburger katsu with boiled egg teishoku. This sounded interesting. I’m not a fan of hard boiled eggs, it’s a textural thing. But in the interest of trying new things, I ordered it.

Hamburger Katsu with Boiled Egg Teishoku

Hamburger Katsu with Boiled Egg

A hard-boiled egg is wrapped in raw hamburger (Japanese style), then breaded and deep fried. This was actually pretty good. Still getting used to the hard-boiled egg though (you thought I could be cured with one meal?). The chicken karaage is still my favorite but this was a good change. Can’t wait to see what this month’s special is for Saturday.

26 Feb 2011 update: I’ve just learned this is more commonly known as Scotch egg.

As an extra, the restaurant added spam musubi to their selection of pre-made food to go.

Spam Musubi

This was at least fifty percent larger than normal. The inside was filled with spam and seasoned seaweed. On top were two slices of Japanese pickled daikon turnip (takuan). This was very good. One tiny suggestion, add some umeboshi paste with all the other ingredients (kind of like an everything bagel), hmm.

One last bit. The restaurant has a Maneki Neko statue at the front of the restaurant. Must work, most times the restaurant is full of both local and Japanese national customers.



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