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Macadamia Nut Cookies

I don’t know whose traditions this is but when we return a container that someone gave us to take food home, we usually don’t return it empty. I was returning a container today. This one was hard, the people who gave us the container (with food) try more places than I do. It’s hard to find someplace they don’t know about.

The Container

After wracking my brain for a little while (it’s hard for me to think while driving), I ended up in the Kalihi area. One of the technicians at my orthodontist’s office recommended here.

I hoped they hadn’t heard or tried this place yet. The technician thought the owner/baker used to work at Panya (or one of the other high-end bakeries in town).

I picked up a package of their Macadamia nut cookies.

Mac Nut Cookies

There were also chocolate walnut cookies, shortbread cookies, and chocolate chip cookies but when in Hawaii …

It Fits!

The cookies were a success. They haven’t heard of the bakery and obviously hadn’t tried the cookies. I think they liked the cookies, the package was almost devoured at one sitting.

Mission accomplished.


The Mouse

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