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Homemade Lasagna

As mentioned in the last post, our cousins made lasagna for dinner last night, one spinach and one meat.

Spinach Lasagna

Meat Lasagna

The cousins don’t cook the pasta before preparing the lasagna, they let the sauce do the cooking. Very interesting.

Meat and Spinach Lasagna

Of course I had to try both (for journalistic purposes). 😉 Both were very good. But if I had to choose, tonight the spinach lasagna won by a smidge. I could’ve eaten more but had to restrain myself (have to keep my looks). Just kidding!

They also made an asparagus salad, and bought garlic bread from the new La Tour Cafe.

Garlic Bread

The texture was good and the garlic flavor was very pronounced, whole cloves were added to the dough.

This was a good night, got to know some of my relatives a little more, in a good way. I didn’t know they were so funny.

Okay, as promised, these are the Japanese sweets I bought from Nisshodo (see previous post).

Japanese Sweets

The manju on the top is filled with mashed and sweetened lima beans, the manju in the middle has sweetened red beans (azuki), and the pastries on the bottom is like a sponge cake with sweetened, mashed, and colored lima beans.

The manju is very dense, not like some other manju that is flaky, very old school. I thought it was a good finish to the meal (talk about mashing cultures).

One more thing, I wasn’t sure P would eat the pastries (he is not a dessert person), but he likes diet Coke. I bought him a eight-pack of mini cans.

Coke Zero

It’s smaller than the regular can (it has 7.5 ounces). He can either drink them now or wait until the grow up. Cute yeah?

I’ve written this before. Good company, good laughs, and good food, does it get any better?


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