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Japanese Sweets from Nisshodo

Dinner with the relatives tonight,┬álasagna. Even though they said not to bring anything, it’s difficult to unlearn generations in one night. Went to Nisshodo (Yelp link here) to pick up some manju. I would’ve gotten their mochi but I didn’t think mochi would compliment lasagna too well.

If you don’t know where the shop is, it’s hard to find. It’s in the back of a bunch of small warehouses and industrial companies, next to a radio tower. Whenever I go, be it early morning or afternoon, there is always a wait. There is a small display counter. The women that work the counter are always friendly and willing to answer my dumb questions. This is definitely old school, very old school, but that’s part of the charm. After filling the order, the women will ask if you want it gift wrapped (the wrapping is white paper with a red ribbon). I always say yes (who doesn’t like to open gifts?).

"A Present, For Me?"

Sorry, you’re going to have to wait for the next post to see inside. I wasn’t about to unwrap it and then re-wrap it, it would’ve been a disaster.

I also picked up some cookies for The Cat and myself. I don’t think these are made on the premises (the sign says “product of USA, packed by Nisshodo).

Sesame cookies for The Cat, puffed rice for The Mouse.

See you tomorrow, I promise.

Enjoy (oh wait, you can’t, okay then, patience). ­čÖé

The Mouse

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