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The Wine Stop

Wanted to get a bottle of wine as a gift. Heard good things about here, thought I’d check it out. I could’ve gone to the supermarket but I wanted to get a bottle with a little exclusiveness (just a little).

I was a little overwhelmed with the varieties and volume (we’re casual wine drinkers at best).

99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

More Than 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

The staff was very helpful in helping me pick out a bottle within the budget. You may want to turn your head for the next picture.



The Naked Bottle

All Dressed Up

Okay, you can look now. Hope he likes it. The store has wine tastings on Saturdays, I may stop in to get “educated” heh heh (just kidding). 😉

Oh, B, BTW, I did ask about Flock wine. The store doesn’t carry the brand.


The Mouse

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