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Heard quite a buzz about this place.

I was in the mood for stone pot bi bim bap and thought we could give the place a try. I was curious about the “angry Korean lady” and was all ready to go into her kitchen to help if need be. Alas, when we walked in, a young girl was there to assist in the front of the restaurant. She was helping to bus the tables and take orders. Kind of took the wind out my sails, was looking forward to the “battle”. 🙂

I like that real utensils were used, I don’t care for disposable chopsticks (for a couple of reasons).

Tonight, the banchan selection were these.


I ordered the stone pot bi bim bap, The Cat ordered fish jun.

Fish Jun

Bi Bim Bap, As Served

Bi Bim Bap, Mixed

The stone pot is heated so that the rice on the bottom gets crispy, this is a good thing (think fried rice), the heat from the pot also fries the raw egg. For the regular bi bim bap (no hot pot), the egg is fried in the kitchen. The Cat’s fish jun was okay. She likes the fish jun at a Korean take-out place better.

I wouldn’t mind going back to try other items on the menu.


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