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In looking back at the plate lunch from Foodland, I don’t think I did the food justice. The food was good, but the picture, not so good. So today, I got another plate lunch to try to do better (actually, it’s just an excuse to go back). 😉

Today’s plate lunch was from the Ala Moana store. I think because of the volume of traffic, the Ala Moana store has more selections. My plate:

The Mouse's Plate Lunch

Chili glazed salmon, roasted beets, and fried rice. Yum. For plate lunch food, it’s very decent. Next time though I’ll stick to white rice. The fried rice sat a little too long, was a bit dried out. Everything else was good (The Cat’s favorite vegetables are either the broccoli  rabe or the asparagus, mine is the beets).

This is also not well advertised (mentioned in the previous post), but ask for a meal club card (after five stamps, the sixth is free!).

Meal Club Card, Front

Meal Club Card, Back

As you can see, the free meal choice is quite extensive (if you can’t read it, go get one, it’s worth it).

Two cheap eats postings in a row. Hmmm. Yumm. It’s all about the food.

Umm, just don’t tell anyone, I don’t want Foodland to catch on. 🙂


The Mouse

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The watermark program is still on the fritz. Using an alternative resizing program, no watermark, so don’t steal the pictures! 🙂

Anyway, this restaurant has been around for a long time (I think they are one of the original tenants, but don’t quote me).

I usually have the buffet lunch or vegetable buffet dinner. I’ve never tried the dinners off the menu, but the dishes look good, there’s an effort to plate the dishes, not just serve them.

Currently, the lunch buffet costs $10.95 and the vegetable bar at dinner costs $9.95, both include rice and soup, cheap eats indeed.

The usual suspects are offered, BBQ chicken, chicken katsu, and meat jun.

BBQ Chicken

But their version of what I call chop steak and some of their sides are what I go for.

"Chop Steak"

The “chop steak” (I call it chop steak, I’m not sure what the restaurant call it) is usually full of cabbage, onions, carrots, and other vegetables. Today there was more meat. I think a lot of people may be like me and take more vegetables (that’s not to say the meat is not good, but the vegetables soaked in the sauce is good). Sorry, the picture is not the greatest, not the food’s fault, my bad.

Cold Stewed Eggplant

Their cold stewed eggplant is one of the best (The Cat and I are sort of biased, we like eggplant). The eggplant is stewed until it almost falls apart. It’s garlicky and oniony in that Korean banchan taste way. Does that make sense? I think food sometimes doesn’t make sense, and that’s okay.

Seaweed Soup

In my opinion, Enchanted Lake Kim Chee makes one of the best seaweed soup on the island. It has a very distinctive seaweed taste without being too salty.

The rest of the dishes are good but those three stand out (in my opinion). They also have a very good red potato banchan (but that’s usually only for dinner).

A definite recommend (and it’s relatively cheap eats). 😉


The Mouse

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