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I’m still trying to perfect the charred spring onion noodles we ate in Shanghai (see 21 November 2010 post). This time, I used skinny spaghetti, peanut oil, spring onions (green onions), re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms (with dashi), crushed garlic (I cheated and used the pre-crushed garlic from the bottle, Shao Xing wine, salt, chili powder, sugar, and “crispy onions”.

The grocery store was having a clearance on the “crispy onions” (I think it was a Christmas item).

The suggestion on the package said it could be used for green bean casseroles (pass).

Charred Green Onion Pasta


I couldn’t get the oil hot enough so the onions wilted instead of charred. Still it was pretty tasty (but different). The crispy onions did give a good texture. The pasta noodles is closer to the noodles we ate in Shanghai (maybe there is something to the Marco Polo connection). I still think I need a dragon powered wok to do it properly.

The Cat said it was not bad, not authentic, but not bad. A definite try again. Keep on woking. It’s the journey as well as the destination. 🙂


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