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As posted 01 January 2011, one of our cousins, S, made granola which we were fortunate to receive a container of. The Cat had some for breakfast this morning. I still have some teeth issues (braces, it’s going on four years! arrgh).

Homemade Granola

The first thing The Cat noticed was the aroma of toasted nuts and grains. She said it’s very xiang (mandarin: fragrant). The Cat ate it with almond milk (I’m still wondering how do you milk an almond, rimshot :-)).

The Cat's Breakfast

The Cat said very yum, very tasty, crunchy and nutty. She especially enjoyed the abundance of nuts mixed into the granola. Usually, she eats pre-packaged cereal from the grocery store. She said its going to be hard to go back to the regular cereal after eating the granola (hint hint, just kidding). 🙂 The Cat said she is willing to buy.


The Mouse (as told by The Cat)

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