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Pig Feet Soup

I think I’ve posted about pig’s feet soup before, if so, here we go again. Now that the weather’s gotten a bit cooler, it’s soup season again (cold season for us is the lower 70’s F, so sue us). No chicken feet at the market, so The Cat settled for pig feet.

This time the ingredients were pig feet, raw peanuts, turnips, dried red dates, and dried shiitake mushrooms. Ingredients added at the end or when reheating were Napa cabbage and enoki mushrooms.

The results.

Pig Feet Soup, First Night

First night, no Napa cabbage and no enoki mushrooms.

Pig Feet Soup, Second Night

Second Night with Napa Cabbage and enoki mushrooms. Served with mushroom rice and stir-fried Shanghai cabbage.

Mushroom Brown Rice

Shanghai Cabbage

The shiitake dashi is used as cooking liquid for the rice instead of water.

The Cat's Pig Feet Soup Teishoku

The Cat was happy. ­čÖé

Shiitake dashi is just the water that the dried shiitake mushrooms soak in. Additional seasoning is added when used. For the rice, no additional seasoning was added.


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