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Homemade Granola

A continuation from the previous post.

We just found out a cousin of ours, S, also has an interest in food. She brought homemade granola and distributed to the relatives.

Homemade Granola

Can’t wait to try it.

She is a younger generation than The Cat and The Mouse (have to start them young). Welcome to the dark side (heh heh heh). 🙂


The Mouse

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We spent new year’s eve with relatives and some new friends. Being Chinese, we couldn’t go empty handed (even if they are relatives). I didn’t want to make anything too complicated so went with greens and roasted marrow bones.

Although The Cat eats raw vegetables and salads, she prefers cooked vegetables. I parboiled then cold-shocked some white stemmed and Shanghai cabbage.

White-Stemmed and Shanghai Cabbage

The white-stemmed cabbage on the left, Shanghai cabbage on the right. I would have just thrown everything together (Chinese kitchen style), but arranged them for photographic purposes. For seasoning, a splash of sesame oil.

To top the cabbage, I simmered some dried shiitake mushrooms in water, sugar, salt, Sichuan pepper pods, Shao Xing wine, and rice vinegar.

Simmered Dried Mushrooms

I also brought some marrow bones to roast.

Marrow Bones

The above picture is the before (pre-roast), for the after shot (post-roast) see 27 December 2010 post.

A splash of olive oil (peanut oil also works), a sprinkle of sea salt, pepper if desired, roasted for ten to fifteen minutes, voila! instant cred as a foodie. 😉

I think some of my relatives didn’t know this side of me.

On another note, WordPress is sponsoring a post-a-day and post-a-week campaign this year. I’ve signed up for the post-a-week program. Wish me luck.

On a related note, When I first began this blog, I didn’t think I would meet my internal goal on the number of posts for last year (I exceeded the goal by 100 percent). I guess I have a more to say than I thought. The Cat says at least it keeps me out of trouble, and it’s free. 🙂

Hope the new year brings good health, happiness, and prosperity to all (and whirled peas). Thanks.


The Mouse (and The Cat)

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