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At the Korean market the other day, bought a can of vegetable tuna on a whim.

Vegetable Tuna

One of the ingredients is tomato paste. Hoped it wouldn’t taste like sardines in tomato sauce (bleh). Sardines in tomato sauce, really really not my taste. To me, the sardines seem to pick-up a metallic taste.

Other ingredients (besides the tuna and tomato paste)  include corn, potato, peas, and carrots.

The tomato sauce with the tuna is thick and the can doesn’t have that metallic smell (so far so good).

Tuna with Tomato Paste and Vegetables

The inside looks pretty good for canned food. I poured the entire can over fresh steamed brown rice.

Canned Tuna over Steamed Rice

The verdict is very positive. The tuna is very tasty. The texture of the tuna is very whole and intact, not like some other canned tuna where it seems mashed. The tomato paste and vegetables add flavor to the tuna. I compare this can to adding condensed vegetable soup to chunky tuna (a poor man’s bouillabaisse). A very positive experience. A definite buy again.

One downside is that can is relatively pricey as compared with the typical canned tuna (over two dollars a can). Have to save these cans for special occasions (like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.). 😉 Just kidding.

On the other hand, everything except the rice is in one can, protein and vegetables. This may be a value after all. Maybe not.

The market also has other varieties such as kimchi tuna and bulgogi tuna. Will let you know if and when I try those.


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