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Sardines in Soybean Paste

I bought a can of sardines in soybean paste from the Japanese warehouse membership store the other day. We usually but sardines in soybean oil but sometimes, I like to try something different.

Sardines in Soybean Paste

Inside, the sardines looks like its packed in miso sauce. I know, soybean paste and miso should be one and the same but the label said soybean paste.

Sardines in Soybean Paste

For me, one of the best ways to eat canned sardines is over hot rice.

Sardines and Soybean Paste Over Steamed Rice

Add some chopped green onions for color (and vegetables, heehee).

Ready to Eat

I usually sprinkle some shoyu over the sardines, but since this can was in soybean paste, I wanted to try it without additional flavorings.

The sardines were good, but it had a slight tinny aftertaste. I get the same aftertaste eating sardines in tomato sauce or mustard. I don’t get that aftertaste if the sardines are packed in oil. The can was good just to try.


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