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A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Kaneohe branch of the newly opened Fresh Catch store. Since I drove by on a whim, I wasn’t prepared to try their food. I vowed to return. https://l2ee2l.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/fresh-catch-preview/. I finally made it back last night. I got to the Kaneohe store just before 7:00 p.m. and they close at 7:30 p.m. Most of the poke bins were pretty low which I took to be a very good sign.

I ordered their fried poke plate. As I was waiting for the order (they cook to order), I saw lomi salmon for sale. What caught my eye was that I saw chunks, not bits, of salt salmon. A long time ago, salmon was one of the main ingredients in lomi salmon. Lately (at least for the last ten years), the salmon has been missing or an afterthought in commercial lomi salmon.

Going off on a tangent. The lack of or minuscule amounts of salmon in lomi salmon reminds me a joke that my father used to tell me. A meat delivery truck pulls up to a pork and bean factory. The drivers gets out and looks for the owner. The truck driver asks the owner if he needs any pork this week. The owner tells him yes, business is booming, double the normal order. The driver comments “okay one pound of pork coming up.”

Sorry, getting back on track. Here’s what the fried poke looked like.

Fried Poke Plate

This was very good. The fish was still tender and moist. There was so much poke that I saved about a third for another meal.

However, for me, the star last night was the lomi salmon. I think the ratio of salmon to other ingredients was about 50/50. The saltiness was well balanced. Sometimes to make up for the lack of salmon, other stores will add more salt which makes the dish too salty. The sky opened up and a choir of angels started singing, it was that good.

Lomi Salmon

The salmon had a good balance of meat and fat. The store used quality pieces of salmon, not just scraps.

Now if I can time it just right and get poi from the Waiahole Poi Factory and lomi salmon from Fresh Catch, I will be a happy, happy Mouse.

The Mouse was very happy. Big 🙂

A good start to the weekend.

Here’s the link to the store’s website: http://www.freshcatch808.com/.


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