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Daikon Steak

Our favorite izakaya used to have daikon (Mandarin: luo bo) steak on its menu. Boiled daikon slices were broiled then topped with a miso sauce. We used to order this, every time we ate there (sometimes a double order). Sadly, the dish was taken off the menu. 😦

Happily, I figured out the components of the dish. It’s not exactly the same, but close enough.

I start with a daikon (duh).


I think this is a Korean daikon, for daikon steak, the type doesn’t matter too much, I buy whatever is on sale. More importantly, the daikon has to be kind of voluptuous (skinny runway-type daikon need not apply). 😉

I peeled and sliced the daikon into thick slices (about one-half to three-quarter inches).

Sliced Daikon

I simmered the daikon in plain water until a fork tender. Once, I tried simmering the daikon in dashi, but in our opinion, the dashi taste clashed with the miso sauce.

The daikon is cooled to room temperature. I removed the slices from the cooking water and let them air dry for about one-half hour.

I pan-fried the daikon slices on medium heat with part non-stick spray and part peanut oil (the izakaya broiled the daikon).

Pan-Fried Daikon

The pan frying takes some of the moisture out of the daikon, pan frying also gives the daikon some color and helps to concentrate the flavor.

I topped the slices with a peanut butter/miso sauce (I think the izakaya only used a miso sauce). A plop of miso, two plops of peanut butter, a small glunk of rice vinegar, a medium glunk of Shao Xing wine, a smidge of chili powder, a sprinkle of sugar, and salt to taste. I warmed the mixture to melt and combine the ingredients. The sauce should tighten up and thicken.

Daikon Steaks Topped with Miso/Peanut Butter

I sprinkled some ground black sesame seeds on the top for color. The Cat give the dish four paws and said it was comparable to the original.

The miso/peanut butter sauce can also be used on grilled eggplant and other grilled vegetables.


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