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Moon Festival

Today is the Chinese Moon Festival or mid-autumn festival. Here’s the Wikipedia discussion about the festival: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-Autumn_Festival. Growing up, we didn’t really do too much celebrating except eat mooncake. Some of the more expensive¬†varieties¬†included a salted egg yolk in the middle. We usually bought more of the less expensive varieties and one, maybe two of the ones with the egg yolk. The mooncakes would usually be cut into four pieces. I wasn’t really fond of the egg yolk of the mooncakes so I would dig out the yolks and pass it to my father who liked it. To me eating mooncake was more out of tradition than anything else.

The mooncakes here are more of the Cantonese variety. I think the mooncakes are baked and have a pie-like crust. Not really The Cat’s food. She is more used to a more flaky crust. The way she describes their mooncakes, it sounds like the crust is similar to baklava without the honey coating.

Since both of us are not that interested in mooncake, I bought one mini mooncake from the Chinese bakery.

Mini Mooncake

This one was filled with dried fruits and nuts.

Mini Mooncake Interior

It was just enough for the two of us. We sipped some Long Jing tea with the mooncake.

Since The Cat follows Chinese time (eighteen hours ahead) for holidays, we ate the mooncake last night.

Happy Moon Festival!


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