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One definition of a monsoon is strong winds from the sea often bringing heavy rains. How does this weather phenomenon translate to a restaurant? The following passage is from the restaurant’s website:

Monsoon is a much anticipated and welcomed event each year in India bringing relief from the intense heat of summer and water to nourish the crops and the people…


The Cat was in the mood for Indian food on Sunday. In looking through the dinning out section of our newspaper, we came across an ad for the grand opening of this restaurant.

Grand Opening

The location used to be another Indian restaurant. They have a buffet brunch on Sundays. I think Indian curries and stews hold up on buffet lines rather well. Buffets are also a good way for us to try different dishes without committing to a whole order. Since we are not too familiar with Indian food, a buffet is a good idea.

The Cat was impressed that real flowers were used for each table (she is not fond of artificial flowers). She would rather not see any decoration on the table if artificial flowers are used.

A Nice Touch

I was too distracted by the smell of food to notice the flowers, sorry.

This is a view of the buffet line and part of the dining room.

Monsoon India Buffet Line

The Cat loved the vessels the food were in, she thought they looked much better than the regular stainless steel warmer trays.

Along with vegetables curries and stews such as chickpea curry and veggi korma, the restaurant also prepared tandoori chicken and chicken tikka masala.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken Tikka Masala

Oftentimes when we eat Indian food, there is a spinach dish I equate to creamed spinach. This is one of my favorite dishes.

Palak Paneer

When I did a search on the internet, palak paneer is a spinach, cheese, and curry dish. No wonder it’s one of my favorites.

All of the dishes were good. I could tell that a lot of care went into each dish. My favorite were the tandoori chicken, the chicken tikka masala, and the veggi korma. The Cat’s favorites were the chickpea curry (sorry, didn’t get the Indian name), the veggi korma, the naan bread, and the rice.

Naan Bread

One of the main reasons The Cat was in the mood for Indian food was to drink masala chai, the spiced tea with milk.

Masala Chai

The Cat liked this version. The host said he made the masala chai strong, The Cat was bouncing off the walls in the afternoon. ^-^

While we were eating, I noticed the chef preparing more chicken to cook in the tandoori oven. Roasted meats, a beautiful sight. I asked if I could take a picture of a master at work.

A Master of Tandoori Chicken

Notice that there are tandoori chickens, already cooked in the background.

For dessert, the buffet line had gulab jamun, imagine taking an andagi donut and soaking it in spiced sugar syrup. The gulab jamun added a nice sweet end to a good meal.

Gulab Juman

I could taste the spices in the dishes without having my tongue and throat on fire. Just right. I think the restaurant intentionally toned down the spices to make the food more readily acceptable.

Finally, The Cat wanted to have a picture of the colorful palate the dishes made. Some people paint in watercolors, some people paint in ink, some people paint in oil, The Mouse paints with food. 😉

The Colors of a Rainbow

Curries (mild), roasted chicken, vegetables, rice, bread, fried dough, and spicy tea, nice. We will be back to try more.


The Mouse

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