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Braised Beef Tongue

Beef tongue was one of my father’s favorite cuts of meat. Whenever he cooked one, we would eat about a third for dinner and the rest we would make into sandwiches for the week. Cooking involved simmering the whole tongue for hours in garlic infused water, then peeling the tough skin off of the tongue. Once I got pass eating something that could taste me back, tongue also became one of my favorite cuts of meat. The peeling of the skin could also be quite gross (I was still in elementary school). If done correctly, tongue can be melt in your mouth tender, like buttah. I’m not sure if our knives were too dull or my father’s carving skills were wanting, but I seemed to oftentimes get chunks of tongue instead of slices.

Actually, the chunks were quite useful. In school, classmates would compare lunches. They didn’t believe I had a tongue sandwich (they thought I had roast beef), until they saw the taste buds.

The Cat has not tried beef tongue before. I┬áhaven’t seen tongue in the markets for quite a while. The other day, I saw that the Korean market was selling beef tongue, but it was sliced paper thin.

Sliced Beef Tongue

The tongue was sliced paper thin. I think it’s for tabletop grilling (Korean barbecue). If that was the case, the slices should have been a quick cook. I tested one slice by dipping it for about 30 seconds in boiling water. I dipped it in shoyu, and chewed and chewed, and chewed.

I decided to simmer the slices in water for about an hour.

Beef Tongue Slices After Simmering

I was going to try this recipe for tongue in mushroom sauce that I found on the internet http://oggi-icandothat.blogspot.com/2009/08/beef-tongue-in-mushroom-sauce.html. But decided to braise them with shiitake mushrooms and black fungus in sugar and shoyu (think shoyu pork). Maybe next time.

Braised Beef Tongue

The texture of the tongue was very tender. The slices were so thin that the tongue taste really didn’t come through, the texture of the shiitake mushrooms and black fungus kind of overshadowed the tongue. This maybe a good thing to introduce tongue to The Cat. She is open to trying tongue again.

Still on the hunt for a whole tongue.

Have a good weekend.


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