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Korean Gim or Kim (Seasoned Seaweed)

It took a while for us to try gim or kim, Korean seasoned seaweed. Whenever we saw the packages in the market, it seemed like kids were buying them for snacks.

A Pack of Gim or Kim

One day a friend was telling us about gim. When we told her we never tried it, she gave us a package to try. She said gim was similar to furikake in that she ate it with plain rice. If we liked furikake, we would like gim. She was right. I tried rolling small amounts of rice in the sheets but I like eating the sheets separately with rice. The rice tends to soften the sheets, I like the crunch.

Each package has about a dozen sheets of seaweed.

Sheets of Gim

Each sheet is about two inches by four inches and very thin.

A Sheet of Gim

The difference between gim and furikake is that gim is roasted with oil and furikake has no oil added. Both are delicious.

Eating gim and rice is usually a two handed technique, left hand for gim, right hand with chopsticks or fork for rice. It may not be pretty, but it’s effective.

Gim and Rice

We can usually buy a pack of gim (there are three package to a pack) for less than a dollar on sale. I can’t tell the difference between brands right now. Maybe as we eat more, we may be able to distinguish differences.

A Different Brand of Gim

Don’t tell The Cat but sometimes I’ll eat a package of gim like chips (shhh). They’re crispy, oily, and salty, all the characteristics of chips.;-)

A happy discovery.

Here’s the Wikipedia article about gim: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gim_(food)


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