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Japanese Green Tea

The last time we were in Shanghai, our friend D re-gifted us a Japanese tea caddy with green tea. Someone gave it to her and she thought we would like the caddy (I posted a picture previously, see 08-July-2010).

Japanese Tea Caddy

What’s interesting about this caddy, the design changes slightly as the caddy is turned.

Japanese Tea Caddy, Alternate View

So, getting to the tea. We don’t know specifically what kind of tea this is except “Japanese green tea.” There’s no indication on the package.

Tea Package

The texture of the tea leaves are very thin and fine.

Tea Leaves

Because the leaves were so thin, I used more than usual.

Japanese Green Tea

The taste was very “grassy” and bright. There was also a bit of nori aftertaste, in a good way. The also smelled like grass, very fresh. I think the tea would go very well with sushi and poke. I’m not too sure about this tea and sashimi.

Too bad we don’t know the variety of the tea.


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