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No Curry Thai Lunch

The Cat has been wanting to try this place out for a little while.

Bangkok Chef


I tried it a couple of weeks before with Mistress Qi but because we were heading to a meeting, I didn’t want to have curry breath.

I went back with The Cat for lunch this Sunday. It was too hot, so no curry again. That’s okay, we kind of ordered unconventionally.

Bangkok Chef Counter

We ordered one #16, one #28, one #30, and one side order of sticky rice to share. The Cat also wanted to try their Thai iced tea (#34). Sorry, menu translation:

  • #16 = Pad Raumit – a variety of vegetables stir fried with deep fried tofu.

#16 - Pad Raumit

  • #28 = Thai Crispy Noodles

Thai Crispy Noodles

  • #30 = Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls

Thai Sticky Rice

  • #34 = Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

The pad raumit was stir-fried in a light sauce. I think a shoyu and fish sauce combination. I think this was the dish Mistress Qi was looking for the last time I was here. She was looking at the dishes that included rice. The pad raumit is an ala carte selection. The Cat was pleased with all the vegetables.

The crispy noodles is supposed to be an appetizer but the dish went well with the vegetables. The summer rolls were packed with long rice and mint. Although they were good, the best part was the dipping sauce, mostly peanut butter based with a hint of chili.

Dipping Sauce for Summer Rolls

If you don’t know by now, I really like peanut butter.

The dishes were good and The Cat said we could come back again to try other dishes. This time around though, The Cat’s favorite was the Thai iced tea. She slurped until all the tea disappeared and only ice was left. She thought there was mango puree in the tea, but was told there was only tea powder and canned milk. The tea powder is available for purchase.

Thai Tea Powder

The ingredients are herbal leaves, vanillin, and coloring. According to the label, there are no calories. Hmm.

The Cat also like the sticky rice. There’s a reason why one of her friends calls her rice ball and an uncle calls her rice pot.

When the weather is cooler, we’ll try their curries.


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