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Fresh Catch Preview

A branch of the Fresh Catch store recently opened at the former Papa John’s pizza location in Kaneohe. They used to be located in a small strip mall with limited parking. The old location was only set-up for take-out poke. The new location has meals and desserts. http://www.freshcatch808.com/

New Sign

New Location

My Mouth is Drooling

What More Could You Ask For?

I wasn’t planning to eat there yet, just checking them out. I didn’t want to be so intrusive and take pictures of the selections (then I wouldn’t any pictures for subsequent posts). But everything looked fresh and tasty.

Fresh Catch, Interior

The seating is off to the right.

One thing I wanted to document now was the display case at the back of the store.


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Banana Flavored Cupcakes

Poke and dessert, all the major food groups covered.

Often times when I drive by at night, the place is crowded, a good sign.

I can’t wait.

The Mouse

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Hawaii Rice Fest

Yesterday, I checked out the “1st Annual Hawaii Rice Fest” at the Aloha Tower Marketplace. Here’s the website: http://www.ricefest.com/. Proceeds of the festival benefited the Lanakila Meals of Wheels program described here: http://www.lanakilapacific.org/more-than-a-meal.asp.

I think events like these are best described through pictures. So here we go.

Hawaii Rice Fest

For each donation, the donor received a pair of red chopsticks, cool.

Lanakila Meals on Wheels Booth

Chopsticks for a Cause

This vendor was introducing a polished brown rice to Hawaii. Their process involves polishing the wax off of a grain of rice without damaging the bran or germ of the grain. According to the vendor, other processes do not completely remove the wax.

Global Industries Corporation

According to their flyers, their brown rice is accepted by sushi chefs.

Brown Rice Ball Samples

Too bad they didn’t stick in a tiny bit of ume, it would have been perfect (just kidding).

Other booths.

Arturo's Booth

Sauces and Salsas

More Sauces and Salsas

Hawaiian Kine Booth

Fried Rice with Kamaboko and Hawaiian Kine Products

Pelekunu's Teri Sauces Booth

Fire and Meat, What Could Be Better?

Primo Sushi Booth

Kat's Sushi Booth

Kat's Sushi Bar

Kat’s Sushi offers a mobile sushi bar for parties, hmmm, the possibilities.

Don Ho's Island Grill, Smile!

Pacific Soul Patrol Food Truck

The guy in orange is Sean Priester, former executive chef of the Top of Waikiki. I’ve eaten from his food truck a couple of times, they make a killer vegetarian chili, their fried chicken, wow, and their cornbread is one of the best (in my opinion). http://pacificsoulhawaii.com/.

Pacific Soul Patrol Food

Got To Have Leonard's 🙂

What festival would be complete without royalty? This is the Narcissus Queen and Court. They were helping in the kiddie area.

Narcissus Queen and Court

I went too early so I missed the cooking and recipe contests. There’s always next year. 😉

All for a good cause.

The Mouse

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Tamago Kani (“Egg Crab”) Snack

I saw this package at our Japanese warehouse membership store the other day and just had to try it.

Tamago Kani

It’s a package of crunchy little crabs for a snack. Tamago is egg in Japanese, and kani is crab. I don’t think it’s supposed to mean crab eggs but baby crabs. I’m not sure what kind of crabs these are. I just thought the crabs looked cute and tasty. The packaging was also interesting, looking like a fishing boat.

A Boat Full of Crunchy Crabs

Varieties include, small fishes and dried seaweed as well as these crabs. According to the advertising from the store, these snacks are supposed to be high in calcium.

Nutrition Information

The flash kind of obscures the calcium information, but each serving is supposed to provide 99 percent of daily recommended calcium requirements.

Not the Deadliest Catch

Each crab was about one-half inch across, just enough to pop in your mouth.

How was the taste? Not bad. They were very crunchy with a teriyaki glaze and sesame seeds. If you like arare (Japanese rice crackers), you might like these. They are a bit harder than the rice crackers. I can understand why some may fill that it’s an acquired taste.

I have to admit, part of the reason for trying these was for the ick or eww factor. But then again, when I eat Chinese salt and pepper shrimp, the ones where they deep-fry whole shrimps with the shell and heads on, I eat the heads and shells too (that’s where all the flavor and crunch is). 😉 OK maybe I’ve been watching too much Bizarre Foods.

This snack would probably not be on my must buy list, but if they were to go on sale, I might consider buying them again. I may try the dried fishes or seaweed the next time.

Another blogger did not have a very favorable experience. http://bruleeblog.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/shopping-for-asian-goodies-tamago-kani/.

The boat is heading out for more crabs (just kidding).

Bye For Now

Enjoy (or not).

The Mouse

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