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Kimchi Furikake

From previous posts, you might deduce that we like furikake, and you would be correct. I’ve liked furikake longer than The Cat, but once she got into it, there was no stopping her.

The Cat didn’t want furikake on her rice for the longest time. She used to like the taste of plain fresh-cooked rice. One day, we were eating leftover rice, and I sprinkled a bit on her rice for flavor. The floodgates opened and since that day, I had to share. 😉 Today, I had to give her a bottle so she could take it to work with her for her lunches and dinners (The Cat is trying to meet a deadline).

Getting back on track, I saw this bottle of kimchi furikake. Kimchi (kimchee, kim chee, or gimchi) is Korean pickles (see Wikipedia discussion). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi. Furikake, is Japanese seasonings for rice (see Wikipedia discussion). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furikake. How do you merge the two?

Kimchi Furikake

The listing of ingredients has a little of both kimchi and regular furikake elements.

List of Ingredients

What I found interesting is that the ingredients include chili and wasabi (Japanese horseradish). I wouldn’t have thought to combine the two because each brings a different kind of spiciness to the flavor profile.

Here what the furikake looks like on rice.

Kimchi Furikake on Rice

So most importantly, how did it taste? The furikake added an interesting taste. Part Japanese (salty, fishy) and part Korean (slightly spicy). It wasn’t bad, but I’m not ready to give up the regular furikake yet. I think with the right foods (I’m thinking more bland meats, fish, or seafood), this furikake would add to the flavor component very well.

We’ll keep experimenting with this furikake (The Cat hasn’t had the chance to taste this one yet). Although The Cat is not heavily into spicy foods, I think she will like this one, it’s not very spicy, just a hint of heat.

The adventure continues.


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