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A Picture is Worth …

The last long post I did (chicken stock from wing tips), I got verbal comments/complaints from two cousins about being too wordy.

So this time …

I went to Chinatown today to buy a bottle of Shao Xing wine. The way we cook with it, we should buy stock in the company (hee hee). I think I have a picture of the bottle in another post. But just in case you haven’t seen it.

Shao Xing Wine

Here’s the store we normally go to first when we need stuff from Chinatown. There’s no name outside. It’s the first store on the left at the last block of Maunakea Street heading Makai (toward the ocean).

Chinatown Store

As you can see, the place is so packed, we often just walk in and ask for what we want instead of trying to find it ourselves. The husband and wife store keepers are friendly and helpful.

Since I was in Chinatown, I thought I would do a quick walk around and take some pictures.

This bakery makes killer custard pies.

Lee's Bakery

I didn’t get to Chinatown until the afternoon so the pies were probably sold out. There are times (especially during the holidays) when I’ve seen lines out the door and into the streets waiting for the custard pies to come out of the oven. Here’s a picture of part of their display case showing their other pastries (none of which I’ve tried).

Lee's Bakery Display Case

Next, we have the look funn factory.

Ying Leong Look Funn Factory

As far as I know, this place only makes one product, look funn. Look funn is sheets of “pasta” made from rice flour. When you buy noodles for soup or stir-fry, you have the option of have them cut it into strips for you. The factory also makes look funn rolls with char siu or shrimp stuffed in the rolls. It seems like their prices have changed very little since I knew about the place (when I was a little mouse).

Look Funn Factory Entrance

Since I wasn’t buying look funn this time, I didn’t want to go inside and start taking pictures. Even from the outside, when the owners and staff saw me they ran and hid from the camera view. The one lady in the front started to close the door. Talk about shy.

Another bakery.

Annie's Bakery

This time around, this bakery makes killer custard tarts (the individual tarts you see on dim sum carts). The bakery makes them throughout the day. If you’re lucky, you buy them just out of the oven and burn your mouth (in a good way) eating the first one.

Annie's Bakery

The bakery is also known for their Hong Kong style pastries (which I’ve tried many).

Annie's Bakery

If you are into kitchen gadgets, utensils, cookware, and dishes, this is the place.

China Arts, Inc.

They used to sell a hodge podge of things. The Cat’s father once sold his calligraphy to them (he was quite a master at ancient calligraphy). Since then, they’ve focused on kitchenwares.

China Arts, Inc.

I’ve seen people go in to supply their kitchens, both personal and professional. I once saw two men walk in and purchase kitchenware for their new restaurant. They said it was cheaper than going to a regular restaurant supplier.

Next door is the place many people believe makes the best roasted meats.

Nam Fong

During Chinese holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (both western and Chinese), roasted chickens, ducks, and pork is flying out the doors in take out containers. Business is not to shabby the rest of the days either.

Roasted Chickens and Pork

I wouldn’t mind hanging these up in our house as wall art. 😉

Roasted Ducks

I’ve posted about this place before.

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery

I think this bakery is more Cantonese in style. They’re the only place I know of that makes the sesame peanut candy. They also make the candy with walnuts and macadamia nuts.

Sesame Candy with Peanuts, Walnuts, and Macadamia Nuts

The bakery is relatively new. The owners took over the location from a similar bakery that was in business since I was a little mouse (you’ve read that line before).

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery

Other images (may not be suitable for the young or squeamish).

Rambutan, Longan, and Mangosteen for Sale

I think of rambutan as a lychee that didn’t shave. Here’s the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambutan.

More Mangosteen

Whole Oxtails

Sides of Pork

The shop owners were transporting sides of pork for either butchering or roasting.

Making Fishcake

This lady was scraping fish with a spoon to make fishcake.

Fish for Sale

Shrimp for Sale

Finally, not all residents of Chinatown are human.

Store Cat

This store cat sitting outside of a grocery store. The store owner said the cat was guarding the storefront. I’m not sure if the cat was guarding the entrance or just catching some sun.

These pictures of Chinatown is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to discover about Chinatown; more bakeries, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, herb stores,  etc.


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