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For the longest time, I was intrigued about this can of cooked dry peas. The can somehow looked very regal (I guess the golden color). The labeling wasn’t a paper label but printed onto the can. Anyway, the Japanese warehouse membership store had them on sale last week. I finally bought a couple cans.

Can of Cooked Dry Peas

I learned about pork and peas many years ago. Before then, I had no experience with Filipino food. A former co-worker had invited the office to her open house. Her mom did the cooking. The menu included pork adobo (pork stewed in a vinegar shoyu sauce), pinakbet (mixed vegetables), and pork guisantes. All of the dishes were delicious. The pork guisantes was my favorite. since then, whenever I had the chance, I would order pork guisantes.

This is what the peas look like out of the can.

Cooked Dry Peas

I tried one pea. The texture is somewhat stiff. The peas don’t pop like frozen peas, they also are not soft and mushy like can peas. I decided to try them in pork and peas.

I’ve made pork and peas in the past with tomato sauce and frozen peas. The dishes usually turn out too watery. This time, with the dry peas, I tried tomato paste. With tomato paste, I could control the seasonings, salt, and thickness of the pork and peas. I used the pork that I marinated in Shao Xing wine and Szechuan peppers from the previous post. I added celery seeds, salt, sugar, chili powder, Shao Xing wine for seasoning, and thinned the tomato paste with water.

Pork and Peas

Critically, the sauce was too thick, and there was not enough pork or peas. The peas had an al dente texture about them. Personally, I liked how the dish turned out. I ate it with leftover fried rice from the other night. This version of pork and peas was not photogenic but tasted good. If I’m cooking pork and peas for guests, I would probably do some adjusting. If I’m cooking it for myself, I probably would keep it the way it turned out.

By the way, the fried rice tasted better after sitting a day in the refrigerator than fresh.

Pork and peas, sardines and onions, good comfort food.

Have a good long weekend.


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