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Black Foil

At the Japanese membership warehouse market, a couple different kinds of black foil was on sale. I picked-up the foil to roast sweet potatoes. The store also had foil to roast corn on the cob and to steam fish and vegetables. I could tell the foil was for sweet potatoes by the picture on the box.

Black Foil for Sweet Potatoes

One side of the foil is black, the other side is regular.

Black Foil

Based on the pictures on the box, the black side of the foil faces out (doesn’t touch the food).

Black Side Out

We usually roast Okinawan sweet potatoes (the purple flesh variety). The Okinawan sweet potato I had was too large to roast whole. I peeled the sweet potato and cut into chunks. Half of the sweet potato was roasted using regular foil (for control purposes), and half with the black foil.

I usually roast sweet potatoes for one hour in our toaster oven.

The sweet potatoes on the left and center were roasted with black foil, the sweet potatoes on the right were roasted with regular foil.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes roasted in the black foil seems to be cooked at a higher temperature. There was more caramelization on the surface and the texture was softer on the inside than the sweet potatoes roasted in regular foil. Next time the foils are on sale, we may try the other selections.


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