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A Busy Week

Last week and the beginning of this week, I was helping at a conference (the reason for the lack of posts).  The Mouse became a go-fer helping to tie up last-minute loose ends.  The upside was that the situation gave me the opportunity to eat out more than usual.

The Willows

Last week, I was running an errand near here:

The Willows


It was near lunch time and I just happened to have a coupon that discounted the lunch buffet.  I told The Cat that I was doing it for research and inspiration. 😉

The restaurant was established on July 4th, 1944.  I vaguely remember going to lunches here with one of my grand aunts in the 1960’s.  I was about four or five years old at the time.  The restaurant used to have Hawaiian plates on Fridays which my grand-aunt loved.  I must admit, I don’t remember what I used to eat during that time.  I know I didn’t develop my liking of Hawaiian food until much later.

On to the present, on the buffet line consisted of several tables/stations. Before starting my plate, I did a quick reconnaissance of the choices. Selections included (but not limited to) chicken long rice, kalua pork with cabbage,

Chicken Long Rice and Kalua Pork with Cabbage

somen salad,

Somen Salad

mochiko chicken,

Mochiko Chicken

mushroom salad,

Mushroom Salad

long bean salad with shrimp and tomatoes,

Long Bean Salad with Shrimp and Tomatoes

garlic and Hawaiian salt crusted prime rib with horseradish and au jus, and

Garlic and Hawaiian Salt Crusted Prime Rib with Horseradish and Au Jus

mini laulau.

Mini Laulau

Selections also included poi, chicken curry, and shrimp curry.  The restaurant is famous for their curries.

My original plan was to include shrimp curry, prime rib, some salad, poi, and laulau on my plate.  However, when I started at the salad table, I saw spicy tuna and ahi poke.

Spicy Tuna

Ahi Poki

I don’t know how I missed these during my initial look through, but I immediately ditched the plan and loaded up on spicy tuna and poke.  I came to my senses and added poi, laulau, and some bean salad into the mix.


All of the choices were excellent.  I went back for more spicy tuna, poki, and mushrooms.

The restaurant has a waterfall and pond that adds to a relaxed atmosphere.


A definite winner of a lunch.

The restaurant also has a small water fountain near its banquet hall.

Water Fountain at The Willows

On a side note, one of The Cat’s favorite attractions at Las Vegas is the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel.  She can sit for hours watching the “happy dancing” water.  When I showed the above picture to The Cat, she said that this must be a baby fountain that needs to grow up, get bigger, and take dancing lessons. 🙂

Sheraton Waikiki

The conference was held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.  After years of attending conferences, I was not looking forward to the lunches.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  This was the salad course on the second day.

Salad, Conference at Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

The salad tasted fresh and looked good.

The main course was fish (I think it was opakapaka), baked or poached, with a pesto sauce.  The starch was mashed Okinawan sweet potato (I think I tasted some coconut milk).  The vegetable was an Asian stir fry.  Everything was very tasty.

Lunch, Conference at Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

For dessert, lychee sorbet in a chocolate cup.

Dessert, Conference at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel


I applaud the hotel for putting on an impressive showing.  If this continues, I may start to look forward to meals served at conferences.


Prince Court, Hawaii Prince Hotel

The last day of the conference was only for four hours, as a result, no food was served.  The Cat attended the last day of the conference.  Since we don’t get many opportunities to eat lunch together, she suggested the buffet lunch at Prince Court.  She offered to treat. 🙂


As we were being seated, I thought I saw spicy tuna on the buffet line.  I got all excited, spicy tuna on two buffet lines in less than two weeks.  It turned out the bowl was not spicy tuna but spicy fried tofu.  The lunch turned out well though because the restaurant had hand rolled sushi with spicy tuna. Yay.

Scallop and Tobiko Hand Roll, Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

In addition to the sushi, I filled up on shrimp and vegetable tempura, opakapaka with lilikoi cream sauce, and turkey medallions with garlic and Boursin sauce.

The Mouse's Plate, Prince Court

The restaurant also had a shabu shabu station where I poached some maitake mushrooms with ponzu sauce.

Maitake Mushrooms, Ponzu Sauce

All in all a very good food week.

We apologize for the interruption of posts, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

The Mouse


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