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The Cat read an article about a soap factory on the North Shore. 

Yesterday, we decided on the spur of the moment to look for that soap factory.  We invited our Qi Master and the Mistress Qi to tag along.  There was no itinerary (except to look for the soap factory) we stopped wherever our interest was piqued.  

Our first stop was to look at a movie set for the upcoming sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean out at Heeia Pier.  The film crew usually works at night with bright lights and a huge fog machine.  The picture was taken from a park overlooking the ship. 

Pirate Ship Movie Set

We also went down to the docks to see if we could get up close and personal.  The closest we could get was about fifty yards from the ship.  Only film crew and their relatives were allowed closer that day.  We didn’t get to see any of the actors. 

Yo Ho Ho!

If you look closely, a black flag is flying at the bow and the figurehead is a skeleton. 

Further down the road, the Qi Master bought fresh coconut for all of us.  we drank the water and ate some of the meat inside.  The Mistress Qi’s coconut was young enough so that the meat of her coconut was still in jelly form.  

Fresh Coconut Water

Fresh Coconut Jelly

 We took home some of the meat from the other coconuts for later use. 

Lunch was here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Crouching+Lion+Inn,+Kaaawa,+HI&sll=21.561389,-157.866667&sspn=0.034085,0.055017&g=Crouching+Lion,+HI&ie=UTF8&hq=Crouching+Lion+Inn,&hnear=Kaaawa,+Honolulu,+Hawaii&z=15

The restaurant offers a lunch buffet that included tilapia with lemon and caper sauce, fried rice, kalua pork and cabbage, and spaghetti with meat sauce. 

Fried Rice, Cole Slaw, Tilapia with Lemon and Capers, and Kalua Pork and Cabbage

Both The Cat and I really liked the way the tilapia was prepared.  The fish didn’t have the muddy taste I usually associate with fresh water fish.  The spaghetti and meat sauce was also very good (somehow, I forgot to take a picture of that). 

Kalua Pork with Cabbage and Tilapia with Lemons and Capers

For dessert, the buffet table had haupia with coconut flakes. 

Haupia with Coconut Flakes

The Mistress Qi decided to order the Vegetarian Bahia Stew.  The stew was carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini cooked in a savory broth of tomatoes, onions and coconut milk.  White or brown rice was included. 

Vegetarian Bahia Stew with Brown Rice

The stew was very tasty.  The soup would have been great over rice.  The Mistress was pleased. 

These birds provided tropical ambiance to the restaurant: 

Bird One

Bird Two

After a couple wrong turns, we finally make it to the soap factory here: http://maps.google.com/places/us/hi/waialua/kealohanui-st/67/-north-shore-soap-factory-home-of-hawaiian-bath-and-body?hl=en&gl=us.  The factory is located at the old Waialua sugar mill.  

Here’s their website: http://hawaiianbathbody.com/

And pictures: 

We Made It, Finally

Interior of Store Section

Basin with Samples

Soap Factory Area

Soap Curing Racks

The Cat bought a bar of wild summer rose soap.  The factory lets you stamp the bar yourself. 

Soap Stamping Equipment

Soap Stamped by The Cat

 The soap factory also sells other products made on the North Shore. 

Waialua Soda

North Shore Chocolate

Another retail outlet within the Waialua sugar mill sells Waialua chocolates and coffee.  We tried their dark chocolate squares. 

Waialua Extra Dark Chocolate

Waialua Chocolate

Waialua Chocolate, Continued

The chocolate was very rich and smooth.  We chased the chocolate down with a sample of the Waialua coffee. Yum.  

Outside of the store, there was a water hyacinth that distracted The Cat for a bit. 

Water Hyacinth

We ended the day with dinner at our favorite neighborhood chop suey restaurant, Kin Wah, with a couple vegetable dishes, and ginger chicken. 

Ginger Chicken

Yum again. 

Good friends, good food, chocolate, fresh air, and a pirate ship; a good day. 

The Cat and The Mouse enjoyed the road trip. 

The Mouse


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