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The Cat loves rice.  A while ago, one uncle nicknamed her fan tong (“rice pot”).  Recently, a friend called her “rice ball.”  The Cat especially likes rice that is freshly cooked (whether as regular rice, pao fan (soupy), or zhou (porridge)). 

Last week, The Cat had been working late.  She didn’t want to eat anything heavy for dinner.  I made zhou a couple of times.  According to The Cat, zhou is easier to digest than rice in that the grains have broken down and the body can easily absorb the nutrition.  Plus, the weather has been a little chilly and rainy and zhou is good for warming the stomach.

We use this “brown” rice that is lightly polished.  This rice is supposed to have more nutrition than white rice but easier to cook and presumably easier to digest.  Here are pictures of the bag: 



Compared to White Rice

Taking inspiration from the cai pao fan The Cat’s father made (see 27 March 2010 post), after the zhou was finished, I turned off the heat and added wheat germ and cai gan (see post on “dishwater” soup for picture, 25 July 2010).  After the cai gan rehydrated, I melted a wee bit of lard for the aroma.  I also sprinkled ground sesame seeds on the top for color. 

It probably wasn’t a good idea to plate the zhou in a white bowl for picture purposes, but you get the idea. 

Zhou, Mouse Variation

The Cat gave this zhou three-and-a-half paws up.  Her father’s was still the best (understandable).

On a side note: In my experience, regular brown rice is not very good in making zhou.  The brown rice doesn’t break down into soft porridge-like consistency.  


The Mouse


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