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On Sunday, we met up with our Qi master and his wife, Mistress Qi.  The Qi Master used to like eating meat.  He has since cut back.  Mistress Qi has always leaned toward more vegetables.  She has since gone vegetarian all the way.  Since we all live in the Kaneohe area, we decided to go here: http://www.windwardmall.com/dining-entertainment/ruby-tuesday 

We thought that everyone would have something to eat.  I like the salad bar selections here, especially the fresh mushrooms and the grape tomatoes.  On a side note, I like the salad bar at Buzz’s Steakhouse, previously posted, for the fresh avocado.  Here are samples of my salad bar selections: 

Salad, First Plate

Salad, Second Plate

I had their mini combo turkey burger which included two mini turkey burger sliders, fries, and unlimited trips to the salad bar. 

Mini Turkey Burgers and Fries

The Cat ordered their mini crab cake burgers which included two mini crab cake burgers, fries, and unlimited trips to the salad bar. 

Mini Crab Cake Burgers and Fries

The Qi Master had the baby back ribs with salad bar. 

Baby Back Ribs Plate

Mistress Qi ordered the salad bar. 

At the end, we were all too full to order dessert.  Instead, we finished with fruit from the salad bar.  I had pineapple and dried cranberries. 

Pineapple and Dried Cranberries

All in all, a good weekend.  Eating, talking and laughing with friends; living to eat and eating to live. 

We took home food from both eating events and ate the leftovers as a part of tonight’s dinner (too much information?). 

The Mouse


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Weekend Eats, Part I

This weekend, we ate out twice.  On Saturday, we had dinner with one of The Cat’s earliest clients who The Cat now considers a friend.  Mrs. N wanted to show us something in Waikiki and took us to dinner afterwards.  

After taking our drink orders, our server presented us with the restaurant’s complimentary chicken liver pate with toasted ciabatta. 

Chicken Liver Pate with Toasted Ciabatta

Do you know where we are yet?  Here’s another clue. 

The server then brought complimentary popovers.  The popovers contain gruyere cheese so were tasty enough to eat without the accompanying butter or sea salt.


If you guessed here: http://www.bltsteak.com/, you would be correct. 

Mrs. N has eaten here several times already.  This was the first for both of us. 

Caesar Salad

At Mrs. N’s suggestion, we shared the Caesar salad and sides.  The Cat ordered on of the specials grilled ono with king crab gratinee, artichokes, and pork crackling.  Given the choice, The Cat prefers seafood, but even her dish had pork crackling. 🙂 

Grilled Ono with King Crab Gratinee, Artichokes, and Pork Crackling

I ordered their certified Black Angus hamburger with fries (medium rare). 

Certified Black Angus Hamburger with Fries

Hamburger, Interior

The Cat really liked her order, she especially liked the crab gratinee and artichokes.  She was a bit neutral about the crackling.  She had nothing against the crackling, she just wasn’t sure it coordinated with the fish. 

My hamburger was excellent.  The meat melted in my mouth. 

We shared sides of baked, fried, and gratinee potatoes with Gruyere cheese and bacon, and poached green beans.


The servers forgot our order of double cut bacon.  More reason to return. 

For dessert, we shared one of their blackboard special desserts, “golden globe mango cheesecake, margarita sorbet, and mango lime sauce.”  I’m not sure if they meant “golden globe” mangos or “golden glow” mangos.  In any case, it was delicious. 

Mango Cheesecake, Margarita Sorbet, Mango Lime Sauce

The restaurant also gave us complimentary chocolate tidbits. They tasted like a warm chocolate brownie.  The Cat ate hers before I could take a picture. 

Thank you Mrs. N for your company and generosity. 

Here’s what the menu looks like: http://www.bltsteak.com/PDF-Honolulu/dinner-menu.pdf

And their location: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=BLT+Steak,+Honolulu,+HI&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=29.772081,56.337891&ie=UTF8&hq=BLT+Steak,&hnear=Honolulu,+Hawaii&ll=21.297851,-157.832508&spn=0.068293,0.110035&z=13&iwloc=A

Both The Cat and The Mouse were satiated and slept well that night. zzzzz 

The Mouse

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A New “Toy”

Boys and their toys.  The real reason for going to Chinatown this past weekend was to purchase this: 

Chinese Chopping Knife


I’ve wanted to pick up one for a while.  Some tasks in the kitchen require a large whack.  The cleaver type knives in the kitchen stores at the malls were priced out of our range.  In addition, I wanted a knife I didn’t have to worry too much about.  

A few doors up from the Chinese bakery (see previous post), there is a store that sells anything to equip a Chinese kitchen (woks, knives, dishes, etc.).  The knife I bought was one of the smaller chopping knives that they had (the blade is approximately four inches tall by eight inches long).  I originally was looking at a similar knife for $9.00.  The shopkeeper said the one I purchased was better quality for $15.00.  The mall stores were selling their cleavers for at least quadruple the amount.  

This knife will take some time to get used to to (I’m more used to to the Japanese made thin blades). 

Here’s a picture of the box cover, if you’re interested. 

No. 1 Size Chopping Knife


This knife kind of reminds me of the knife Aunt P handed to me to clean chicken feet (its flashback time).  Must be careful of the fingers. 

I look at kitchen knives (and kitchen gadgets), The Cat looks at clothes and shoes.  I think that’s fair. 😉

The Mouse

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