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Looking back at our previous visits to Shanghai, we seem to focus on one dish each time.  Previous visits have focused on the fresh water hairy crab and stink tofu.  This time, I wanted to improve on my shoyu pork (hong shao rou).  Whenever friends asked what we wanted to eat (besides vegetables) I requested hong shao rou.  There appears to be as many variations as there are people who cook the dish.  In the restaurants where we had the dish, the presentation focused on the pork. 

Hong Shao Rou

This hong shao rou was at a fancy restaurant. 

Hong Shao Rou

The above hong shao rou was at a restaurant that President Clinton ate at.  His picture was displayed prominently on one of their walls.  There was also a picture of Fidel Castro eating there (not at the same time). 

This version was ordered by X at D’s birthday dinner. 

Hong Shao Rou

I love the dish it was served in, very stylish. 

Hong Shao Rou

Last but not least, Teacher Cheng had us over for dinner one night and made her version of hong shao rou with hard-boiled eggs. 

Hong Shao Rou, the Home Edition

All were delicious.  I have a better idea of the taste and texture.  I will be experimenting in the future. 

The Mouse ate hong shao rou for educational, artistic, and scientific purposes. 😉

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