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These two images reminded us that we were not that far from home (now you know, if you didn’t guess by now, where we live).  

Thew picture was taken in the Pudong (Shanghai) Airport.  

Macadamia Nut Candies

I think the prices were higher than what we can get at home, but now we don’t have to haul cases over for omiyage. 🙂  

I took this picture while waiting for our food at one of the restaurants near where we stayed.  The Cat translated.  The banner is advertising two breakfast specials.  The first is Spam and a fried egg on instant noodles (not fresh).  The second is Spam and fried egg on rice.  

Breakfast Specials

Each cost between $3 to $4 (US dollars) which is kind of expensive for breakfast in China.  We didn’t try either breakfast specials.  We were too busy eating dim sum, steamed buns, and other non-American breakfasts.   

Just thought you might be interested.  

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