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“Sweet pumpkin rice” could be the translation from  Korean. Tried it once from the Korean market. Bought a small kabocha (or danhobak, in Korean) over the weekend.

Kabocha, Danhobak, or Winter Squash

Kabocha, Danhobak, or Winter Squash

Worked off of memory, with my own twist. First halved and cleaned out the squash.

A Blank Canvas

A Blank Canvas

Found a recipe after I finished. I cooked multi-grain “rice” with brown rice, quinoa, and raisins (old school style, on the stove top). After it was cooked I added … BACON! (just a little bit).

In the meantime, steamed the squash halves until soft.

After everything was done, stuffed ‘em.

Stuffed Winter Squash

Stuffed Winter Squash

The Cat’s lunch. The original is supposed to be healthy (one version is here). Since I added bacon, the health benefit was probably negated somewhat (only a little bit of bacon). Still must be pretty healthy. :)

Easy peasy.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The  Mouse

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The Cat has an “aversion” to “brown food”. Let me explain. The Cat “prefers” vegetables (green food) with lunch and dinner. Her tummy is not comfortable if vegetables are not included in the meal. “Brown food” is not green vegetables (root vegetables is also considered “brown” in her mind).

Me? While I would like to have vegetables with my meals, it’s not as critical a requirement.

So, yesterday, I worked a late afternoon/early evening shift. My lunch was a prefect example of “brown food” (from the mall grocery store).

Furikake Fish and Fried Chicken

Furikake Fish and Fried Chicken

No vegetables (unless you consider the Japanese style pickled turnips veggies, I kinda do :))

The furikiake fish was the cheapest bento available and the fried chicken breast was on sale at the same price of a wing (why not).

Met The Cat at her office to carpool home. Circumstances beyond my control and it was decided to pick up something on the way home. Ended up at Kam Drive In (1620 North School Street, Hawaii). Now, typically, drive-in places here are not epicenters for “green food”, read meat, rice, and mac salad. Not boding to well for The Cat. She settled for a bowl of saimin as the least “offensive” selection.



The green onions are garnish, not vegetables. — The Cat.

For me, more brown food.

Chili Frank, Brown Rice, Tossed Salad

Chili Frank, Brown Rice, Tossed Salad

Ordered the tossed salad without dressing, gave the salad to The Cat to mix with the saimin soup. Turns out, The Cat thinks their cha-siu in the saimin wasn’t bad. With the salad mixed into the saimin, her dinner was acceptably decent. Surprisingly happy cat. Who woulda thunk.

For me, I consider beans a vegetable, so with the brown rice, happy mouse although all I had was “brown food” yesterday. :)

Today’s lesson, keep an open mind, you never know what may happen.

So, what are your eating habits?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Dinner last night, late. Kept it simple. Steamed brown rice, fried egg, and shiitake mushrooms simmered in soju, sugar, Kauai sea salt, and ponzu sauce. A little more Kauai sea salt sprinkled on the eggs.


It was donburi-like but not quite. Next time, I will thicken the mushroom sauce and use it like gravy to pour over the rice. Then, I think the bowl will be more donburi-like. :)

One bowl, easy to eat, easy to cleanup.


The Mouse

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More Fried Rice

I think I got myself into trouble by doing this blog. Nothing dramatic or traumatic like phone tapping or anything like that. Because of my “experience” with this blog, I was asked to take over administering a non-profit’s website. Pretty scary for me and the organization. With a lot of outside support, and a lot of luck, hopefully we can both survive.

To start transitioning, I met the outgoing webmaster (A) and the consultant (J) for breakfast yesterday here.


Here’s the menu: http://bigcitydinerhawaii.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Breakfast.pdf.

A had the healthy big breakfast with white rice.

Healthy Big Breakfast with White Rice

The waitress made a mistake and gave A brown rice instead of the requested white rice. So I got pictures of both white and brown rice (just in case you’re interested).

Healthy Big Breakfast with Brown Rice

J ordered eggs and corned beef hash.

Corned Beef Hash, Eggs, and Brown Rice

The corned beef hash actually looked pretty good. Looked like it was house made, chunky and uneven (a good sign). Forgot to ask J how it was.

Most times, if fried rice is on the menu, I have to order it (I think it’s in my genetic DNA). :P

Uncle Danny's Fried Rice and Eggs

I would have ordered Grandma’s Incredible Kimchee Fried Rice but didn’t want to be emitting noxious fumes in front of someone I just met and a fellow professional member (family is okay, hee hee).

My fried rice was not bad. The rice was seasoned just right and there was a good rice to meat ratio. I felt the meat wasn’t integrated into the rice as much as I would have liked. There wasn’t enough scrambled egg incorporated into the rice. Overall though, not bad.

I found out our consultant is also a food person. With common interests (food and internet), I think it’s a start of a great relationship (to paraphrase Bogie). Now if only there was a piano playing in the background. :)


The Mouse

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One blog that I check occasionally is all about sardines. A recent post, talks about the closing of the last operating plant in the United States. Very sad.

The Cat’s father was willing to try different and new foods and dishes. The Mouse’s father was less prone to do so. What he did teach me was to appreciate the little things.

Sardines was one of my father’s favorite foods. Some saltine or soda crackers, butter, bread and butter pickles, and a can of sardines and he was king of the world (he wasn’t too particular about brands, not that we had that many to choose from).

Recently, I had a bowl of brown rice, a can of fish steaks (Beach Cliff brand), and capers (I prefer my canned “sardines” with rice instead of crackers).

Brown Rice




Fish Steaks


To remember.

All the cans in our pantry were not packed in the United States. This can was packed in Poland. Sigh.

I’ll spare you what the finished dish looked like. To give you an idea, The Cat called it “cat food”. :P

Happy belated father’s day dad. It also would have been his b-day in a few days, so happy b-day too.


The Mouse


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